3a Jan 2008 AV
3b Jan 2008 AV
HEB at Allandale Village is expanding. At least that is according to big hot pink and green signs in the window of Kids n Kats that say: "Due to HEB's expansion plans we're moving Jan 31".  There is also a big moving sale sign hanging along the parking area in front of the Kids n Kats store.  Looks like the expansion is going absorb the Jackson Hewitt space as well. On Tuesday a crane was moving the Jackson Hewitt sign from its current spot next to Kids n Kats to the vacant space next to Supercuts.  Kids n Kats is not leaving the center though. It is apparently relocating to the vacant spot to the right of Supercuts. This is according to a sign in the window stating it is their new spot in the center. The HEB store is not commenting about the expansion. They refer inquiries to their public affairs department at their regional office. To date, the office has not returned our call. Looks like work on the expansion will be getting underway soon.