December cover
It is wet and foggy outside so if you don't want to open the door and get your latest Allandale Neighbor newsletter you can just can just click here and read it online. Here are some reasons why you will want to do one or the other. In this issue we cover the City's Wildlife Habitat Challenge in which Allandale placed second. We also include an interview with current Allandale Neighborhood Association President, Allan McMurtry. We have photos and a write-up on the December 7th Concert in the Park with Sarah Pierce. (BTW, the 2 really good photos of Sarah from the concert contributed by professional photographer Dale Rempert). Plus, we have articles on: how to save money on your homeowners insurance through a city home inspection,  Gullett activities,  cockroaches, and the new restaurant on Anderson, Cover 3 among other things. It's time to renew your annual Allandale Neighborhood Association membership. We included a dues envelope for you to insert a check (only $15) and mail it in but if you think that's the old fashioned way of doing it, you can just click on the "Click to Pay Online" tile in the top right corner of this page and pay online. Once again thanks to the Newsletter Committee for their work on this newsletter and thank our advertisers when you see them. Merry Christmas!