Sometimes everything just comes together. Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at Northwest Park was one of those days. For a late Fall afternoon, the weather was perfect. The sun was out, there was a slight breeze and the temperature was in the comfortable 70s. Friends and neighbors sauntered into Northwest Park with their children and/or their dogs or by themselves for what was to be a very relaxing and enjoyable event. The setting was perfect. The stage was positioned just up the hill from the pond next to the picnic tables with Cypress trees all around showing off their dramatic fall colored leaves. 

But what made the event special was the music. It started with Eric Hanke, a wonderful young musician who kicked the event off with five or six songs from his current and forthcoming CDs. (You can learn more about Eric and his music at www.erichankeband.com). He was followed by Sarah Pierce and band who played for a little over an hour.

Sarah is a very talented Austin singer/songwriter
supported by what she referred to as a group of musicians who are singer/songwriters in their own right (www.sarahpierce.com). They truly are very gifted artists. The free outdoor concert at Northwest Park went from 3:00 to 5:00 on Sunday. Russell's Bakery came with a wonderful array of holiday treats. Ice Cream in late Fall might not work in other parts of the country but it was perfect for this event.

The concert 
was the first introduction to many in the audience 
to Sarah Pierce and her band even though Sarah and her husband and drummer, Merel Bregante, are residents of Allandale. Sarah played a mix of  her own songs as well as a few well-known songs from other artists including Patsy Cline. Sponsors of the event included Roger Beasley, Little Bear Records, Cribworks Digital Media, and the Allandale Neighborhood Association.

There is talk about doing this again, perhaps in the Spring. I am sure that everyone who attended will agree that is a good idea but it will be a challenge having it all come together as it did on Sunday. Thanks to Sarah Pierce, Eric Hanke, and all of the musicians who played at Sunday's Concert in the Park for making it a truly enjoyable afternoon. Click here to view photos from the concert.