UPDATE – A map of the upcoming trimming has been provided by Austin Energy. Click here for map.

Austin Energy has sent us a notice that they will be doing tree trimming in Allandale. At this point, we don't know the specifics, but we'll keep folks posted as we get more information. Until we know more about the locations here are a few reminders about working with Austin Energy:
  • If there is trimming along residential property, a notice with a work plan will be placed on the door. (Just like other flyers.)
  • The plan is specific to the address.
  • If the plan is okay as-is, just sign the flyer and put it back on your door.
  • If not, mark the appropriate area on the form.. and a representative will contact you to finalize a work plan.
  • Contact Austin Energy ASAP with questions and concerns. Do not wait until the work crew shows up! It is nearly too late at that point.
  • If you cannot be present, you can designate a someone to represent you at the time of the trimming. (Always helpful if there is an issue later on.)
  • Contact me offlist if you have any questions.