If you were out strolling around Allandale on last night, Tuesday, October 7th you probably walked by one of the many Neighborhood Night Out (NNO) gatherings going on like the ones in the photos above. Click here for the photo captions and narrative. A number of the residents in Allandale participate in the neighborhood watch program and held a block party to celebrate Neighborhood Night Out.  There were over 20 NNO gatherings in Allandale that officially registered with APD through Laura DiCarlo, Allandale’s Neighborhood Safety Coordinator, and probably more who didn’t  register but who hosted a gathering. It shows the commitment Allandale has in crime prevention and is a demonstration of Allandale’s neighborhood spirit. 

This year’s NNO was moved from August to October to take advantage of the cooler weather. For many neighbors it is the only chance they have throughout the year to get together. For some it was the first time to meet their neighbors. This year’s event was particularly popular given the increased promotion by the City and the Allandale Neighborhood Association. Thanks go to Laura DiCarlo for helping to orchestrate the event with Allandale’s block captains and the City, who showed up with Fire Engines and EMS vehicles at some of the gatherings.

Reports from NNO Parties in Allandale:

Wilbur, Cary, White Horse Trail…
Tom, Here’s a shot from our gathering:
From left to right: Keith Carter, Ed Rupp, Elliott Naishtat, Gerald Clay, Karen Knight, and Catherine van Zanten. We had over 50 attendees from Wilbur, Cary, White Horse Trail, Cavileer and Shoal Creek. I need to talk with Rosie Salinas b/c we didn’t have any vehicles or officers come by. Thanks, Laura

Louise Ln and Susie Ct
We had a great time last night renewing friendships and meeting new
neighbors.  Louise Ln and Susie Ct were visited by SPO Dana Munguia and
COA Code Enforcement Officer Garrett, as well as Engine 19.  Little
kids and big kids had a great time!  We numbered 35 from 14 homes and
our potluck spread out over 4 tables.  Thank you Laura for really
setting NNO into motion for Allandale.

Kay Newell
Louise Ln/Susie Ct

Corner of Bullard and White Rock
It was a perfect evening for a gathering on our porch on Bullard Dr. We
had a small group but it was very enjoyable. We were joined by Pat
Cherico, Margie Johnson, Loretto Koepsel, Barbara vonMerz, and Louis

Tom Linehan and Betty Rodriguez on Bullard Dr.

2700 Block of West 49 ½ Street. Kata Carbone
National Night Out on the 2700 block of West 49 1/2 Street was hosted
by Kata Carbone and David Orshalick. Block participation was small but
lively and included long-time resident Tommy House (on the left), who
purchased his home in 1953 and along with his wife Betty, raised two
sons here. Our newest residents are (from left to right) Ryan and
Sophia in the stroller, and their parents Chad and Sarah Siebrecht, a
young and growing family who brighten up the block. We were all
delighted to meet members of Austin’s finest firefighters and take a
look at the inner workings of a firetruck. We also received a visit
from our district representative, Officer Kelly LaHood, who gave us a
tour of her high-tech squad car from the driver’s seat.

Clarice Court
Three of the five Clarice Court families attended our NNO gathering,
and we enjoyed visiting, eating ice cream, and checking out all the
info and items provided by the police department and other NNO
sponsors.  We’re a small group so we didn’t request police or fire
department visitors, but the stickers and other goodies were a big hit
with the kids.


5700-5800 Wynona
32 neighbors were together for Neighborhood Night Out in the 5700-5800
blocks of Wynona last night, here in Allandale.  Thanks to Cynthia
Keohane for organizing, Laura DiCarlo for her overall neighborhood
leadership, and our neighbors, from 14 different households, for
This count of 32 is just neighbors.  Our district rep. for s.
of 2222 from the police department, Officer Kelly LaHood was also
there, as was a fire engine and accompanying
firemen, and firewoman.

–John Keohane

Shoal Creek West
We had about 20 neighbors attend.  All three departments came by and I
could not have been more impressed with each professional’s
friendliness and sense of purpose for attending.  I think we were the
first visit for the fire truck; they arrived right at 6 PM.  The two
EMS guys (instructors at the academy) talked with us for a while and
gave us some good information about their department.

Peggy Dieterich
Shoal Creek West Drive

W 48th had a pretty good turn out seeing that we never officially
registered. We had 25 total stop by and grab a German taco (sausage in
a tortilla) and talk about the neighborhood. Goal for next year is to
get the streets that run into 48th to have their own parties. Hopefully
by including the end neighbors in this years party that will happen!

Weather was perfect. NNO in october is the way to go!
Thanks laura for getting all this going.

We had 17 people attend on Albata. Long-time "Albatians" had a nice
time talking with two new families on the block.  Laura, thank you for
all of your help!

Carolyn Croom

West Greenlawn
West Greenlawn (2900 – 3400) had about 30 – 35 people enjoying being
neighborly and hot dogs & desserts. A good time was had by all !   

Carolyn Ahrens 

Savoy Place
We had a great time on Savoy Place. Only about 7 households came but we
still had about 11 adults and 8 kids and lots of fun. Both a firetruck
and police car came by and were big hits with the kids. We appreciated
their presence very much!

Kristin Knifton