Just got this from a local group–Red Cross looking for volunteers tonight. Sign-up is at NW rec ctr in our neighborhood. I don’t think the link to the paperwork copied, but it is at the local red cross center website.   Anne P.

The American Red Cross needs volunteers RIGHT NOW! If you can help, please follow the instructions below. Please go to the website listed below and fill out an application and the background check. You need to fill these out and then you will be contacted. Please act now if you are able.


Volunter Resource Center

Report to the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) at the City of Austin Northwest Recreation Center between 1pm and 8pm today. The VRC is located at 2913 Northland Drive, Austin, TX 78757. At the VRC you will be required to complete an application and a background check. The application page may take awhile to download due to volume, so please be patient!