We found out at the Commander’s Forum last night that our new District Reps are Kelly LaHood (south of Hancock so just a tiny bit of Allandale) and A.J. Rodriguez. Kelly was there last night and seemed fabulous – very young, outgoing and energetic. AJ was unable to be there but I’m going to call him soon. I’m hoping he’ll be able to attend some if not all of the National Night Out gatherings set for Allandale on October 7th (there are at least 14 or 15 planned).

They told us at the Commander’s Forum that the kick-in burglaries
that were happening in Rosedale last winter and spring are no longer an
issue since they caught someone. Hot spots now are Hancock Center (lots
of car break ins at 24 Hour Fitness, although that’s down too b/c they
caught a guy) and west campus at UT. Our little neck of the woods seems
relatively peaceful these days, but please inform the police and your
block captain if you know of any problems.

Laura DiCarlo on Wilbur Dr.
Block Captain Coordinator for Allandale Neighborhood Assocation