Allandale Neighborhood Association – Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
26 June 2008

The regular monthly Executive Committee (EC) meeting of the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA) was held on Thursday, June 26, 2008, at 6:30 pm at Ralph Yarborough Library, the President being in the chair and the Secretary being present*.  The minutes of the last EC meeting (22, May 2008) were read and approved; the minutes of the previous EC meeting (24, April 2008) were corrected and approved.

*Members Present:
Tom Linehan, President; Mary Jean Matus, Secretary; Joe Reynolds, Treasurer; Donna Beth McCormick; Paulette Kern; Laura Slaughter; Dan Jones; George Roman; Cynthia Keohane.

Joe Reynolds gave the Treasurer’s report:
Current Balance: $23,963.76
General: $ 8,437.71
Fundraising: $ 9,001.70
Savings: $ 6,524.35

Cynthia Keohane presented details of the upcoming event at Hangtown
Grill tentatively planned for July 26, 5:30 – 9:00 pm.  All ANA members
are invited to Hangtown Grill for dinner; full menu service will be

Committee Reports given as follows:
•    Northcross: by Allan McMurtry
Walmart recently announced that they intend reduce the size of the
Walmart at Northcross to less than 100,000 square feet.  In light of
this development, Lincoln Properties/City of Austin/ANA are working on
an abatement order which will essentially put the ANA lawsuit on hold.
Any decisions as to whether to pursue ANA’s appeal will be postponed
until such time as an amended site plan is submitted.  Details
regarding hours of operation, parking garage, truck routes, and
environmental impacts (run-off, trees, etc) remain unknown at this time.

The ANA EC formally extended their appreciation to Alan McMurtry, Katie
Hansen, Michael Bomba, and Tom Linehan for their hard work and
dedication on the Northcross Committee.  Thank you!

•    Zoning and Planning: by Paulette Kern
ANA’s Vertical Mixed Use (VMU) Opt-In/Opt-Out (OI/OO) application went
before the Austin City Council (CC) last week.  The CC approved at
first reading ANA’s proposal that shallow lots along the Burnet Road
corridor be excluded from VMU.  The CC opted to defer judgment on Tract
#s 5, 14, and 15; the ANA has been asked to present proposed terms and
conditions for these lots to the CC on July 24.

Paulette moved that “The ANA grant the VMU committee the authority to
conduct negotiations with property owners and the City of Austin
regarding Tracts 5, 14,15, of the ANA VMU Opt in Opt Out Application.
Negotiations are to develop a legally binding tool that gives ANA and
stakeholders a say in future development of these tracts.  The VMU
Committee will report back to the EC prior to the Council hearing July

•    Beautification:  by Tom Linehan
o    Keep Austin Beautiful Grant Application to the City of Austin is due July 14.
o    Northwest Park clean-up (pond) is on July 26.
o    No work has been done as yet on the detention pond at Great Northern.

•    Safety: Laura DiCarlo/Donna Beth McCormick
Training for Block Captains continues; at least 30 volunteers have undergone training. 
George Roman made a motion that “The ANA provide $350 to the Safety
Committee to be used towards the purchase of Safety Watch signs.”
Seconded by Donna Beth.  The motion passed after discussion (6 yeas, 1

Other business (reports) was given as follows:
•    4th of July Parade: Joe Reynolds
•    Pat Green provided information regarding her application for a variance on her property on Finley Avenue.   

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.