It’s done! On Thursday, August 22, 2008, the City Council approved the recommendations Allandale worked out regarding Vertical Mixed Use (VMU) along its boundaries. It marks the conclusion of a very long drawn out process to minimize the impact mixed use development will have on the the neighborhood. The VMU process addressed commercial tracts along Burnet Road and Anderson Lane. Most of the tracts along Anderson Lane between Mopac and Burnet Road were zoned VMU with the exception of the properties on the south side of Anderson at Shoal Creek.

Along Burnet Road the outcome was mixed. Commercial properties on shallow lots that back up to residential areas along Burnet Road were left commercial as they are now. The tract that includes the Burnet Road Storage unit, a very large tract surrounded on three sides by residential properties, was zoned VMU but with conditions. The most critical condition is that, without at least one public re-zoning hearing for property currently zoned commercial,¬† access to the property by any future development¬† is limited to Burnet Road. ANA’s concern was that a large mixed use development at that location would result in cut through traffic into the neighborhood. This latter requirement came as the result of negotiating with the 6400 Burnet Road property owner, Michael Stevens Interests. For more of the details onVMU and ANA’s objectives, read “Progress on Allandale’s VMU Application.”

Thanks go to Allandale’s VMU Committee and specifically, Anne Young for successfully negotiating with the agent on the Burnet Rd Storage Center, and to both Anne and Paulette Kern for all of their time and effort on the project. They spent many hours at City Hall meeting with council members, planning commission members, and attending City Council meetings on behalf of Allandale’s interests with regard to VMU.