Stephanie Lott
City of Austin, Watershed Protection and Development Review Department

This project will reduce flooding of houses, yards and streets caused by an inadequate stormwater conveyance system in the Allandale neighborhood. The project is partially funded by the November 2006 Bond Election.

Currently, the City is in the process of hiring a consultant to work on this project. The consultant’s first task will be to research the possibility of installing a storm drain underneath Bull Creek Road. The city’s initial research indicates that this pipe should be an effective solution. The City has confirmed that this proposal will not increase flooding along Shoal Creek.

Previously, the City considered two other possibilities. The original
plan called for building a stormwater detention pond at the site of a
commercial storage facility located on Burnet Road in conjunction with
the installation of underground pipes in the neighborhood. However, the
City decided not to pursue this option due to the high cost of
purchasing the land for the detention pond.

In addition, the City considered installing a box culvert under White
Rock Drive and presented this plan to the neighborhood. The plan was
abandoned once a consultant’s report revealed that it had the potential
to increase flooding for properties along Shoal Creek.

The Allandale Neighborhood Association has asked the City to provide an
update on this project at the August 28 executive committee meeting. Go here to get the latest update on this project.