Linnea Anderson [Email address: linneakay #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ], Beautification Chair

July 9th, volunteers got together to plan events for Fall 2008 / Spring 2009

Attendees: Margie Gordon, Lila Beckley, George Roman and Linnea L

Lucas Massie, director of the Northwest Recreation Center provided an update of the pending renovations to the rec center. The Recreation center renovations are slated to start in June 2009.  One goal of the renovation is to build a green building, and qualify for Silver status with LEEDS. (A green building certification program)  The renovations will include: asbestos removal, repair of leakage issues, and expansion of the overall size.  Due to the asbestos removal the building will be closed during the renovations.  The project is in pre-planning, and they will give us more information as it becomes available.

Discussed July 26th clean up of Northwest Park.  The clean up is 9 am –
12 noon. Texas Rowing Center has donated kayaks to help move the algae
to the shore. PARD is supportive,  their resources are limited, so help
from volunteer groups  are greatly appreciated but has limited.

Watershed protection d recommends several steps to maintain the pond,
and discourage algae growth. There is a possibility that NW Pond will
be part of a pilot program to manage algae using ultrasonic waves –
however this is not certain so we need to keep planning for a long term
solution.  Added this activity to the Fall 2008 clean-up. Volunteer
leaders for the July 26 clean up are: Malcolm St. Romain, Kristin
Knifton, David Lemon, Margie Gordon, Lila Beckley, George Roman, and
Linnea.  Please be sure to thank the Texas Rowing Center for loan of
the Kayaks.

Great Northern Dam  Planning continues.  There will be a presentation
on the project at the July 24 ANA EC meeting. There will also be an
article in the August newsletter.  Work is scheduled for October 08 –
August 09. Watershed protection continues to make adjustments to the
project in response to neighborhood input. Group discussed most recent
changes to the plan. Anyone with questions contact Linnea.

Reviewed the developing Midtown trail plan
.  The concept is to
structure volunteer events, upgrades for long term improvement of parks
along routes especially popular with walkers, runners and cyclists.
Key touch points of this project include:

–    Much of the infrastructure/paths are in place thereby
significantly reducing cost.  (approx 1-2 miles of paved paths would
need to be added in addition to 2 pedestrian bridges, plus some

–     Trail connects neighborhoods and green features.
–     Improving continuity for bikes/joggers from Foster to Lady
Bird Lake. (there is existing paved trail from 38th to the river along
shoal creek, although parts of it need work)
–    Easier/safer access to NW Rec ( is very underutilized partly due to accessibility)
–    Turning open fields (city owned) into more park like
settings.  These park areas could also be adopted by area residents to
assist in landscaping and creating a sense of ownership (similar to the
downtown hike and bike trail)
–    Creating a safe crossing at Shoal Creek and 2222 and improved access from Shoal Creek/2222 and NW Recreation center.
–    Would give Shoalmont (Northland/2222 to Hancock) a park and place for kids to play
–    Enhancing areas with ADA exercise equipment and adaptions.
–    Connects to Gullett, Brykerwoods, and Lucy Reed schools

Reviewed the calendar of events for Fall 2008/Spring 2009.  All events
depend on volunteer participation Call Linnea at 750-8902 or email
greenidea [Email address: greenidea #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ] to volunteer.

Fall 2008 Events
We have lots going on this fall. Everyone welcome.  Meet a neighbor, learn something new!

Treefolk Benefit Tree Sale
Start ordering in September for free delivery

Order your native trees in September, and Treefolks will deliver to
you!  This is an excellent opportunity to add a quality native tree to
your yard.  Shade trees not only add to the value of your property, but
keep Allandale cool as temperatures continue to rise.  Call to order:
(512) 443-5323

Park Clean-Up with Austin Parks Foundation
September 27, 2008 09:00 AM until 1:00 PM
Get together with your neighbors to spruce up neighborhood green spaces!
There are clean ups all over Allandale.

–    Austin Memorial Park – volunteers will help tidy up the area around graves, rake leave etc.  Great for families.
–    Shoal Creek Greenbelt – Volunteers will remove trash and
debris, trim branches, and help to fix damage from heavy rains. (A site
supervisor is still needed for this clean-up)
–    NW Park  – continue the clean up work neighbors have been
working on this year.  Clear the pond, pick up trash, paint railing

All ages welcome. Wear Sturdy shoes and remember the terrain is uneven.
Difficulty: Easy. Please contact organizer if you can help with
trimming branches and debris.

Register for the clean-ups here:

Love your Street Trees
October 15th 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Location TBD, Call organizer for location 750-8902
Everyone is welcome. Bring your questions for the experts!

Have an idea for a project that inspires you? None of the
beautification events would happen without volunteers. Call Linnea
Anderson at 750-8902 to get involved.