The Austin/Travis County HHSD is seeking to identify three boys who were regular riders of the #3 bus during the school year.  These boys were seen playing with a bat at the Northcross bus stop on Tuesday, June 3rd at about 4:15 PM.  The bat was later tested and found to be

It is necessary to interview the boys in order to determine whether they may have been exposed to rabies.  They are described as 1 white boy, 1 thin African American boy, and 1 heavier African American boy.  Their names and ages are unknown.  They regularly rode the #3 bus between Lamar Middle School at Burnet Road/Koenig Lane and the Northcross area bus stop.  If you know anything at all about these boys – even just a first name or nickname – please call one of the numbers below.

Austin/Travis County HHSD Surveillance Unit    512-972-5555
Austin/Travis County HHSD Animal Services    3-1-1
Town Lake Animal Center Rabies Clerk    512-972-6007
DSHS Zoonosis Control    1-254-778-6744