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The city council yesterday voted 7-0 to support Allandale’s recommendations for VMU along Burnet Rd and Anderson Lane on the 1st reading. As a result many of the commercial properties along Burnet Road that back up to single-family residences will keep their current zoning. This is only a partial victory for Allandale because part of the recommendation was to defer a decision on tracts that include the 6400 Burnet Rd property (Burnet Road Storage Center) and tracts 14 and 15 (the south side of of the intersection at Shoal Creek and Anderson Ln).  We requested more time to explore options on these tracts so that when and if these properties are redeveloped the neighborhood association has a say in the developments. We have 30 days to get back to the Council on those recommendations.

Thanks to our zoning chair, Paulette Kern who has taken the lead on keeping us on track and getting us through the process and to the VMU Task Force – Anne Young, Steven Zettner, Katie Hansen, and Donna Beth McCormick for their efforts to date on this complex project. Council member McCracken made special note of the work Steven Zettner has done with regard to VMU and the Design Standards Ordinance and acknowledged Anne’s and Paulette’s participation in that process as well. Equally important in influencing last night’s vote was the show of support of the neighbors that attended the hearing each wearing a yellow tag with Allandale on it. There were 75 people signed up to speak on  Allandale VMU Application. Fortunately it didn’t take 75 speakers to make the point. The key points were made early on and the Council was able to vote on it less than 30 minutes into the hearing. Our VMU application process is not over but we are making progress.