Tom Linehan

It was a solid Saturday morning for a bike ride with temperatures in the 70s. The riders were eager to go. We had bicycles, bicycles with training wheels, tricycles, a scooter, skate boards, strollers and a guy dressed up like a cow calling himself Cow Daddy in attendance. I am talking about this year’s Tyke and Bike Ride. What a colorful fun event (click here to see photos). Five minutes after Cow Daddy gave riders the “on your mark, get set, go” signal we had about 40 young riders stretched along Northland on their way to Amy’s Ice Cream. Thanks to Laura Slaughter, Marlene Meador and all the volunteers who helped organize this year’s event and to Marc Miller, Allandale resident and officer of the Austin Cycling Association, who gave a primer on proper fit and placement of wearing a helmet. Most importantly, thanks to our sponsors: Amy’s Ice Cream and Nelo’s Pro Cycles for there donation of ice cream and bike accessories.