Some people may be confused about how to respond to the “Planning Commission Comment Form,” page 3 of the public hearing notice (click here to view). You would have received this if you are within 300′ of the VMUOD. The form has two boxes to check – one for “I am in favor” and one for “I object”.  We were unsure about which to check in the case of ANA’s application.

We contacted the City staff person who is handling the ANA Application and  he agreed with our suggested approach to responding to this which is consistent with what other neighborhoods have done:

Persons who choose to use the Comment Form should:
1)  NOT check either box.  In fact, you can mark through them entirely.
2)  Simply write out your comments on the form (with your name and address) and fax or mail it to the City.

Example:  I support the exclusion of Tracts 2, 3, 5, and 7 through 10, as well as the properties at 7800 Shoal Creek, 7858 Shoal Creek, and 2951 W. Anderson Lane.