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Frisco’s Transition

Kay Newell I was going down Burnet the other day and saw The Frisco sign coming down and part of the site bulldozed.  Today I saw the bulldozer taking The Frisco down – you can still see the front door and asparagus ferns.  I headed down Burnet to...
Outcome of VMU Hearing with the Planning Commission

Outcome of VMU Hearing with the Planning Commission

by Tom Linehan

It was a "thank you sir, may I have another" session. When we concluded the public hearing part of the meeting with the Planning Commission on Tuesday night, a number of the Planning Commission members complimented us on all of the work we did in preparing and thinking through our VMU application. They then proceeded to give us half of what we were asking for. The frustration is working so hard to get back what was taken from us. Burnet Road was zoned commercial up until January. At Tuesday night’s meeting we were asking to return many of those properties to that zoning category.

2nd Annual Allandale Tyke and Bike Ride

Riders get your bikes tuned up for the second annual Allandale Tyke and Bike ride. Saturday, May 17, 20089:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.Starts at 2700 Northland Drive (Glad Tidings Church)Ends at 2100 Northland Drive at Amy’s Ice CreamRide is exactly 0.5 miles Participants are...

Bike to Work

by Nathan Dooley

Ride_to_work_002Tom Watterson has been riding his bike to work every day for several
years. Originally, he rode to Austin High School, where he was a
teacher. Now he teaches at McCallum HS, and his daily ride has become
much shorter and easier. Tom commutes by bike for several reasons: it’s
a healthy choice, it’s less stressful (and often quicker) than driving
in rush hour traffic, and it helps him set a good example for his