Happy Day, both clean-ups were a success. More volunteers, more achievements, and substantial improvements in Northwest Park and along Great Northern.

Along Great Northern Volunteers cleared brush along the bike path by the little league fields, planted a crepe-myrtle, marked the existing crepe myrtles, removed debris from the street, and picked up trash.

At Northwest Park, they cleared algae from the surface of the pond,
removed trash from the island and painted sign-posts and the detention
wall railing. 

In addition to the registered volunteers, several
neighbors visiting the park caught the volunteer spirit and joined in.

All in all, volunteers:
– Gave 112 hours of service
– Cleared the pond of algae
– Weeded decomposed granite paths around the basketball court
– Picked up 40 bags of trash
– Painted 25 ft of railing, and 12 sign poles.
–  Stayed 2.5 hours past the planned time to paint the railing, and complete algae clean-up

The volunteers were amazing!  We had families, grandparents and
grandchildren, young and old… all working together on the clean-up.   

PARD provided significant support for these clean-ups.  They even
provided several PARD employers to teach volunteers how to skim the
algae in addition to paint and supplies for skimming the algae.

Every time we clean up a space, it not only improves it for a day, but
reduces trash and abuse in the coming months.  (Visitors see the
volunteers, and think twice about leaving their trash laying around)

A special thank you to Malcolm St. Romain and Margie Gordon, as site
contacts in NW Park, they provided substantial support and tremendous
volunteer spirit.  Be sure to thank them for their commitment and

See you at the next clean-up!

– Linnea
Your beautification chair