Whew! Things are moving fast. We met with Parks and Recreation this morning,
and they made a very generous offer of supplies to work in Northwest

To accomodate the change, we are moving the Shoal Creek/2222 clean
up to Northwest park. (don’t worry, we’ll do the greenbelt for the
summer or fall clean-up)

NW Park should be a lot of fun, we’ll get to
paint, mess around with the pond, and clean a playscape. There is something
for everyone! (what we really need are some canoes/boats, net-thingys,
and a  plank… email me off list)

Here is the information about
Northwest Park

Northwest Park Clean Up

Need Volunteers for a
couple of hours to get all of the trash that is
in and around the fishing
pond. Volunteers of all ages are welcome,
but if you’re planning on getting
into the pond you’ll need to dress
appropriately. We will need a few
volunteers to be ready to get in!

[Translation, if you want to work
around the edge of the pond wear
sturdy shoes and be prepared to get wet!
Supplies to work around the
water would be a huge help: canoe or flat bottom
boat, anything that
can help skim the algae off the pond, some kind of plank
so we can
get over to the island… plus all the usual tools for clearing
the island.]

We want this pond to be free from bottles, cans and
any litter so
that the fish will be happy! Volunteers will be skimming algae
the top of the pond, clearing trash and debris from the island,

clearing walkways, painting railings and posts, and clearing trash
the stadium seating.

This is the first day the pool will be open for
swimming, so pack a
swim suit for a post-clean up swim.

Where is the

Northwest Park is at the corner of Shoal Creek and
7000 Ardath Street, Austin, TX 78757 (see map here)

you so much for accomodating this last minute change.
Northwest Park should
be a fun location. There are a lot of
different projects, and the pool is

See you there! Contact me offlist with your

Linnea [Email address: linneakay #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
Allandale Beautification Chair