The following note posted to the newsgroup by Officer Croweder:
Subject: [Allandale NA] Good News / Bad News

The good news is effective Sunday the 30th I will promote to the rank of Corporal. The bad news is I will be transferred effective the 6th of April. There are plans to replace me, but I do not know if that person will be in place by the time I leave. I will leave behind contact information and information on the list serve’s for the replacement. In the mean time, (and I will send out another reminder email) after the 6th of April if you need to contact a district representative, you will need to call our mainline number at 974-5545, one of the other 3 District Representative’s will be assigned to you.

It has been my pleasure to serve this community for the past 4 1/2
years. I have learned a lot at this position and I hope you have
learned something from me. After all, it is my believe, your police
should be educators, and role models, not just law enforcers. I know,
in my heart, I did my best to do that.

Be Safe, and I will advise of my replacement as soon as I can.

SPO David V. Crowder Jr. #4398
Austin Police Department
Central West Area Command
District Representative