Who: The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (www.cmpbs.org/electriclawnmower)
What: Central Tx. Electric Lawnmower Program
When: Saturday – April 5th from 8:30am-2pm
Where: Only at the So. Austin Home Depot – 3600 So. IH 35

Why: Gasoline-powered lawn/garden equipment is responsible for between 5-10%of the total air pollution in urban areas and lawnmowers are responsible for the majority of these emissions. CO2 emissions (the main Greenhouse Gas) are spewed out in large quantities from lawnmowers as well.

Take action: Help reduce air pollution by trading in your gas-powered
mower for a cordless or corded model.

Cost: Save up to 20% on the Homelite cordless model.

Details: To reserve your mower please call Scott Johnson (Project
Manager) at (512) 389-2250 (land line).

Battery pack (cordless) electric mowers can cut up to 1/3 of an acre on a single charge and have the power to cut grass that is up to 6 inches in height.