Illustrations of the Great Northern / Far West Detention pond project available.  Download great_northern_options_1.pdf  to see illustrations of the project, as well as the options we can vote on.

Concrete Color (click on image for close-up view)


Spillway texture (click on image for close-up view) Spillway Texture Options
Wall Texture (click on image for close-up view)

Wall Texture Options

Post your preference as a comment on the gardening blog 0r send me a note offlist. Deadline for voting is February 12th.

To aid in providing your vote, and comments, here is a little template:

Cement color –
Wall Stamp –
Spillway stamp –

Want a bench area   Yes/No


There are a limited number of printed ballots available. If you have
a neighbor who does not use the internet and would like to
vote…contact me and I will hand-deliver a ballot to them. (PDF
version is available below)

(We want the feedback any-which-way we can get it…)

Now is the time for any concerns to be fed back to the city. This
project will have significant impact on the detention pond area.

Talk it up with your neighbors, jot down your thoughts — and send
them to me offlist or post them as comments on the blog without delay.

Download great_northern_meeting_handout.pdf