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I got up this morning grabbed the camera and proceeded to the Far West bridge where I took these two photos of the leader of the AT&T marathon running up Great Northern. He was so far ahead of the next group of three runners at this point in the race that I thought he’s the sure winner. This was at mile 16. Turns out he wasn’t the winner. Wesley Ochoro #6, finished 5th overall. The winner was Jacob Frey from Pennsylvania who completed the race in 2:20:38. Wesley finished a little more than 3 minutes later with a time of 2:24:06.

Wesley Ochoro is from Kenya. He and another runner in today’s race from Kenya are written up in today’s Austin American-Statesman, "Kenyan’s run in marathon’s for survival", by Kirk Bohls.  It’s an interesting story. Allandale turned out to support the Att_marathon_08_003
runners. There were people at the corner of White Rock and Shoal Creek to support them as they turned on to White Rock heading to Great Northern and a number of people including 2 bagpipe players along Great Northern. And what a great day for the event.