Cat Mountain Homeowners Association and Austin Neighborhoods Council are jointly sponsoring "The People’s D.A. Candidate Debate" to give residents of Travis County an opportunity to get to know the four candidates in the running to replace 30-year veteran D.A., Ronnie Earle.

The District Attorney’s job is to see that justice is done by providing the highest quality legal representation for the public and individual victims of crime.

Ronnie Earle will leave some big shoes to fill. Let’s not hand this
election over to lawyers groups or special interests groups to decide
for us. This debate forum is being presented specifically to provide
you with the information you need to cast an informed vote on March 4.

Please mark your calendars for "The People’s D.A. Candidate Debate"
Monday evening, February 25th from 7:30-9:30 pm, at the Dell Jewish
Community Center, 7300 Hart Lane, in the CAA building, 2nd Floor. For
more information, call Margie Johnson at 512.673.3143.