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City of Austin

The City of Austin is planning to upgrade the detention pond at 6900 Great Northern Boulevard to improve the safety of the structure as required by state law. This pond controls flood waters that flow into Shoal Creek during severe storms, and it reduces the risk of flooding for many homes along the creek in the Allandale Neighborhood.

The embankment of the pond is high enough to be a dam according to
state criteria and is periodically inspected by the City of Austin and
the State of Texas. Although both have found the dam to be in good
condition, it does not currently meet the state’s dam safety criteria.
This project will upgrade the dam to state standards so that the dam
continues to provide flooding protection. There are two major
components to the upgrade:

* The safety of the structure will be enhanced in the event the dam is
overtopped during an especially severe storm. A short wall will
partially encircle the pond. It will direct any overflow over a
concrete-lined spillway, so that the overflow will not weaken the
structure of the dam.

* Unfortunately, many trees need to be removed, including all the trees
and brush on the embankment itself. We have limited the tree removal as
much as possible, but it is necessary to ensure the dam remains in good
condition. The root systems of trees and brush tend to weaken dams and
decrease their ability to resist the force of flood waters.

We know this is an area that many Allandale residents enjoy.  However,
access to the area may be limited to the existing foot path for several
months during construction. All are welcome to use the site once again
after the upgrade is complete. 

For more information about this project, please come to a presentation
for the Allandale Neighborhood Association at 7 p.m. on February 4,
2008, at the Northwest Recreation Center, located at 2913 Northland
Drive.  During the meeting, we will give an overview of the project and
ask for input on some aesthetic considerations.