The city is lining the sewer pipe running down Shoal Creek Blvd with pipe. This is why you’re seeing crew trucks along Shoal Creek. The long pieces of plastic pipe like the one in the photo to the left in the creek is part of the project (read the details). It’s called Cured in
Place Pipe  (CIPP) and involves inserting a felt-type liner into the existing sewer line.  The liner is soaked with a resin and heated to  allow the resin to cure and form a new pipe inside.  Beats digging up the street to replace the existing pipe. Life expectancy of the new pipe is 50 years. The city is working on the project section by section with each section – the span between two manholes – taking two weeks to complete.

The bulk of the work is expected to last 4 to 5 weeks. They will then spend time rehabilitating some of the manholes.  Expect lane and intersection closures at various times and locations during the project. You can get details on the project here and a map of where the work is taking place here. Want to know more?

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