BRH-Garver, the contractor for the Bull Creek Wastewater Improvements
Project (which is part of a larger project called the Gaston/Bull
Creek/W. 25th wastewater improvements project) is beginning
construction activities within the next week in the Finley, Oakmont and
Bull Creek Road area. The contractor will begin installation of new
sewer lines on Finley and will continue to Oakmont and then to Bull
Creek Road. Please see attached map.

This work will take about 60 days.

Here is the description of the project:
Project scope is installation of approximately 1,400 linear feet of 8-inch wastewater pipe, 8 manholes, 40 wastewater services, and 10 private lateral relocations (Letters have been mailed out to property owners whose private laterals will be relocated so if you don’t receive a letter, your private lateral is not being relocated. The plumber will contact and meet with private lateral relocation property owners individually).

As indicated in the information briefing on August 15 and the Meet the Contractor meeting on December 12, the new wastewater lines will be installed within street right-of-way on Bull Creek Road, Finley, and Oakmont immediately north of 45th Street, and will connect to existing wastewater manholes located at intersections of the named streets and 45th Street.  These manholes were constructed as a part of the 45th Street Reconstruction project that was completed in 2006. The upcoming ACWP construction will not impact traffic or damage new pavement on 45th Street. The contractor will store materials and equipment at the open field owned by the State of Texas at the southeast corner of Bull Creek Road and W. 45th Street.  This 0.4-acre staging area will be fenced off, and access will be off of Bull Creek Road adjacent to 44th Street.

This project will allow the City to abandon an existing 6-inch line on Bull Creek Road and an existing 8-inch line located within an easement on private property between Bull Creek and Chiappero.  Both lines are concrete pipe installed in the 1940s and have extreme deterioration, with numerous locations where the pipe is cracked or broken. Additionally, the 6-inch line is partially collapsed at its midpoint, and the 8-inch line has root intrusions, missing pipe, and a collapsed service connection.

Construction Inspector: Dan Engel, Daniel.Engel [Email address: Daniel.Engel #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
Project Manager: Don Willhouse, Don.Willhouse [Email address: Don.Willhouse #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]