Below is an announcement for an upcoming fundraiser for a new coalition group that has formed to support candidates that support their issues, Better Austin Today. You can also get a little more background on the group from today’s article in the Austin American-Statesman.

"Are you concerned about traffic and transportation, affordability, protecting Austin’s unique character, the environment, the city’s East/West divide, fiscal responsibility and open government?

If so – Better Austin Today needs you!

Better Austin Today is a broad coalition comprised of community leaders from the neighborhood, environment, social equity, small/local business, social services, civl liberties and other arenas. Our common interest is responsive, accountable government working toward a progressive vision for Austin’s future. Better Austin Today plans to endorse and support candidates for City Council (and possibly other offices that have a major impact on Austin) beginning with the May 2008 election. We need a strong voice for the public interest to counter the influence of moneyed special interests at City Hall.

Join us as we work together to shape Austin’s future!

Better Austin Today Fundraiser
January 13
Moose Lodge (2103 E M Franklin, between MLK and Manor, a block from the old entrance to the airport)

Come hear live music, meet Better Austin Today leaders and supporters and learn more about this important organization."