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According to an article in today’s Austin American-Statesman, "Public hearing on solicitation set for Thursday," the city council plans to hold a public hearing on solicitation at tomorrow’s council meeting. The hearing is scheduled to start at 3:oo. This is particularly relevant to Allandale as there have been a number of problems attributed to the transient population under the bridge near the intersection of 2222 and the MoPac exit ramp. The ANA Executive Committee will be drafting a letter to the city council expressing its concerns and welcomes your input. What follows is an email I received from an Allandale resident Pat Briggs and former ANA Board member regarding an incident that took place under the bridge in October.

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Subject: Mopac/2222 overpass

Hello Tom. 

On Saturday, Oct. 7th, around 5 p.m. there were police units including a forensic unit under the Mopac/2222 overpass.  A neighbor e mailed Officer Crowder, asking what had occurred.  This is his reply:

Officer Crowder’s reply:

"There was a transient on transient aggravated assault.  The suspect was arrested at the scene.  The victim passed away yesterday from his injuries."  (Officer Crowder’s reply came yesterday, or the day before, not sure)

Would it be possible for the Allandale Neighborhood Association to take a strong stand against the population being allowed to live under the bridge, and panhandle at the intersections?  They endanger their own safety  by falling into the street in an apparent intoxicated state at times… fell in front of my car when panhandling.  Panhandling on this and nearby intersections is a serious problem.

When one of the transients  under the bridge tried to steal our yard workers’ car, he was identified by one of the neighbors and our yard worker and was arrested….I think for a probation violation.  This transient population  gets more aggressive and more frightening as the years go by.  At one time when I was on the ANA Board, Officer Crowder suggested that the neighborhood let him try to get the sale of single bottle beer/alcohol banned from the nearby convience store.  I don’t know if that was done or not, do you?

Neighbors report thefts from garages, yards, and cars.  It is my belief that some of that activity is directly related to the transient population.  Public urination occurs in that area on a daily basis.

I have complained as an individual in the past.  It is my belief that a letter from the Allandale Neighborhood Association to the Mayor and City Council Members, as well as the Austin Police Department, is indicated.

I would appreciate any efforts that can be made on the neighborhoods’ behalf.

Thank you.

Pat Briggs