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Back From Iraq – An Interview with First Lieutenant Alex Hooper

submitted by Tom Linehan

I sat down with First Lieutenant Alex Hooper in mid-December, two weeks
after he returned from Iraq. His parents, Mike and Vera Hooper live in
Allandale where Alex grew up. He went to Gullett, and to high school at
St. Michaels. He graduated from West Point in 2005. Alex is 25 and
single. He is a First Lieutenant with the third battalion, eighth
cavalry regiment at Ft. Hood. What follows is an interview I conducted
with Lt. Hooper to learn firsthand what it’s like to be stationed in
Iraq. Alex is a very fit and bright individual. He has a good sense of
humor but also impressed me as being confident in his role as an
officer in the army. I read about the Iraq war in the newspaper
everyday and listen to it on the news but Alex is the first person I’ve
talked to who has been deployed to Iraq who could talk about it from a
soldier’s perspective.

Q – You just returned from Iraq after a 14 month tour of duty, where were you stationed?

Lt. Hooper – I was stationed in the Salah ad-Din province in central
Iraq. It’s about 30 miles north of Baghdad. One of the more well known
cities in the province is Samarra City. I lead a platoon of 32.

Court Rules in favor of the City

Late yesterday afternoon Judge Orlinda Naranjo issued her ruling against RG4N allowing Lincoln and Wal-Mart to move forward on development of the 192,000 Supercenter on the west side of the Northcross property. You can read the judge’s ruling here and...

Update on panhandling

City Council decided to do more research on panhandling in the city before taking action. Last week the council held a public hearing on the issue. Up for consideration was prohibiting panhandling within 1,000 feet of schools. Instead of taking action, the city...

Update on Bull Creek Wastewater Project

What follows is a letter from the contractor who will be getting underway with the Bull Creek Wastewater Improvement Project. They are inviting folks to attend an informational meeting where you will have a chance to meet the contractor. Note, there are two projects discussed in this email. Of course the one that concerns us is the Bull Creek project. You will find more background information on the project here.

Dear Neighbor,

Thank-you for signing up for email updates regarding the Gaston/Bull Creek/W. 25th Street Wastewater Improvements Project!

This email is to let you know that you and your neighbors are invited
to attend the Meet the Contractor Meeting for this project. The meeting

Wednesday, December 12, 6 to 7 pm
Tarrytown United Methodist Church
2601 Exposition Boulevard
Fellowship Hall
To RSVP, reply to this email or call 684-3204
Refreshments will be served
The contractor is BRH – Garver

Panhandling on City Council Agenda

submitted by Tom Linehan

According to an article in today’s Austin American-Statesman, "Public hearing on solicitation set for Thursday," the city council plans to hold a public hearing on solicitation at tomorrow’s council meeting. The hearing is scheduled to start at 3:oo. This is particularly relevant to Allandale as there have been a number of problems attributed to the transient population under the bridge near the intersection of 2222 and the MoPac exit ramp. The ANA Executive Committee will be drafting a letter to the city council expressing its concerns and welcomes your input. What follows is an email I received from an Allandale resident Pat Briggs and former ANA Board member regarding an incident that took place under the bridge in October.