email from Matt Curtis
Asst. Director, Business and Community Development

Hi folks!

Here is a link to the Commuter Rail testing information,
where it will test and when.

You all represent many of the Central
Austin neighborhoods, newsletters and community leaders. I felt
this is a good way to help send some important information out about increased
rail traffic on a rail line many of us have forgotten.

For those of you who haven’t heard some of the embarrassing
stories, I grew up playing on this rail line up near where McNeil High School is now. So, this is an issue near my heart.

The first Commuter Rail vehicle has arrived, and part of the
process is it will begin a series of tests. First, it will be only a selected
area near the maintenance yard, but then expanding to an area from the McNeil
general store to 47th street.
But, as we get closer to opening day – late next year – the tests will increase
to encompass the entire length of the track.

Capital Metro takes safety very seriously. We are working
with the City of Austin and AISD to improve and increase fencing along this rail right-of-way. We also
are using a federally proven, standard, effort called Operation Lifesaver. But,
we are also doing something unique (we are in Austin); we have created a second-tier safety education program that will use Austin ’s creative
community and volunteerism to aid in spreading the safety message to the community.

Please let me know if I can come to your group and speak
with you. And, as always, please let me know if you see any opportunity where
we can improve our efforts.

Thank you,


Matt Curtis
Asst. Director, Business and Community Development