submitted by Liz Shelby [Email address: scubarun #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

For the past 10 years, my neighbor, Marianne Sexton, a local
artist, has created the Haunted Slough of Shoal Edge Court in my yard. She makes outstanding (and scary!) figures
that are nestled in the trees wrapped in different colored lights. We began the Haunted Slough when our children
were young to put the fun back in Halloween. It is free and our gift to the community. We would like to invite Allandale neighbors
to come. It is held Halloween night from
7 – 10. If the slough is too spooky for
the young ones, the “upper yard” has apple bobbing (on strings), glow in the
dark sidewalk chalk and a homemade witch’s brew. For some pictures of previous Halloween’s
visit and click on events. Location: 5604 Shoal Edge
  Court (one block south of Allandale off of Shoal

Liz Shelby