submitted by Tom Linehan [Email address: tlinehan #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

Who do I give my money to, the Allandale Neighborhood Association or RG4N? The answer is CONTRIBUTE. Either way, your money will go to funding the lawsuit. HOWEVER, the monies are not pooled together. Each organization has and is responsible for their respective legal costs.

By way of background, Allandale and RG4N both filed lawsuits against
the City over approval of the site plan at Northcross. Because the two
lawsuits overlap they were combined.  Allandale is seeking a motion of
summary judgment regarding whether the site
plan violated city code which requires a public review process because
of the inclusion of a garden center. If the judge rules that indeed the
garden center is a conditional use and should have triggered a
conditional-use-permit process, Lincoln will have to start over
resubmitting their site plan that will be subject to the requirements
of the new Big Box ordinance.

RG4N’s lawsuit is broader in scope. In addition to the conditional
use issue, their suit challenges the removal of trees on the property,
runoff, and safety issues related to the increase in traffic generated
from the development.

Both groups are working hard to raise funds to support the lawsuit
even though the monies collected stay with the respective organization.
Nevertheless, we are single-minded in our objective to preserving the
character and safety of the neighborhood by keeping a 192,000 sq ft
Supercenter out. The court hearing is scheduled for November 13. Make
plans to attend.

Tom Linehan
Allandale Neighborhood Association