submitted by C Yang and Tom Linehan


In Allandale, it’s usually come as you are, but this month
the ANA wants you to come as your aren’t—to the first Allandale Masquerade
. Masked balls were the highlight of medieval court life as a way to
celebrate marriages and other distinguished family and public events. During
the Renaissance, Italy moved the celebrations out to the streets in public festivals. By the 17th and
18th centuries, such costumed balls became popular throughout Europe and even Colonial America.

Originally, the masked dress was a true disguise, and
guessing identities was part of the fun. Today, getting into costume is half
the fun. Short of making or renting a costume that is fitting for the beautiful
Caswell House, where the ANA Masquerade Ball is being held on Saturday, October
27, we have some of the best thrift shops in the area, starting with Next-To-New, which this summer moved into their new,
refurbished standalone shop that used to be Harrell’s Supply and Service Center.

Start there but if they don’t have everything you
need or you’re just having fun shopping around, head over to the
Goodwill at Lamar and Koenig next to Half-Price Books or to Top Drawer
on Burnet Rd and 49th. Between the three stores you should have just
about all you need. But remember this is a masquerade ball so get a
mask. Lucy in Disguise down on South Congress has a wonderful selection
of masks from the simple to the fantastic that you can rent or buy.
It’s probably the best place in town for costume rentals. They have
just about any costume you can imagine. Suggest you check out their website
to get an idea of their offerings before heading down there. Get your
friends together, come up with a theme, and go to Lucy in Disguise to
dress the part. Snow White and the 7 dwarfs? I’d like to see it.
Remember there is a prize for best costume at the ball.

If you’re just stumped for ideas, take a look at what others have done or check out’s costume inspiration section. Turn the imagination dial to 10 and make it happen. Simple or outlandish makes no difference, come and have ball with us!