Dear Neighbor,

My name is Roland Zamarron; I live at 5613 Woodview Ave, with my wife in the
Allandale neighborhood for 4 yrs.

You may or may not have heard about the 10 foot guitars and
regular size guitars of art being displayed around Austin. These guitars are designed and signed
by various local artists and musicians. The guitars are going up for auction on
Oct 17th to raise money for various charities. Please see the website link
below for more details.

I felt this would be a great opportunity for Allandale and
the surrounding Neighborhoods to try to bid and hopefully win a 10 foot or
regular size guitar and place it in a prominent spot (ex: Library, Fire Dept
Station) in our neighborhood to show Austin we support our local musicians and

I’m asking a minimum contribution of $5.00 with hopes of
raising $3,000.00. If you are able and willing to contribute please mail it to
the address below. If you feel unsafe on mailing the funds, please give me a
call or email me and I will come by to collect.

Roland Zamarron
5613 Woodview
TX 78756

We will accept PAYPAL contributions – user email: rolandz [Email address: rolandz #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]
(please reference guitartown).

If you have any questions or suggestions on where we could
place the guitar, please do so by forwarding an email to
rzamarron [Email address: rzamarron #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

After the auction, a ballot will go out to the contributors
to vote on where we could place the guitar.

Unfortunately, we only have less then a week to accomplish
this goal so your quick response is much appreciated.

Best Regards, Roland Zamarron
rzamarron [Email address: rzamarron #AT# - replace #AT# with @ ]

 Please tear and fill out info below, and place in envelope
if mailing contribution:




$$ Amount:

* Funds will be donated to the SIMS Foundation or returned
if unsuccessful at auction time.