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Central city neighborhoods like Allandale are pushing for a city growth management policy that gives neighborhood s equal influence when it comes to deciding how to accommodate densification. Some of the underlying issues with the city’s current densification trajectory were outlined in Saturday’s Austin American-Statesman article, "Neighborhoods and city interests collide over density," by Suzannah Gonzales. It talks about neighborhood reactions to the city’s neighborhood planning process, why some neighborhoods feel they’ve been betrayed by it, and examples of where the city’s push for densification and the neighborhoods interest in preserving the character of their neighborhoods collide.

Allandale’s Cynthia Keohane has been very active with Austin
Neighborhood Council’s (ANC’s) Growth Management Committee. She helped
coordinate and write ANC’s  "Call to Action to Manage City Growth"
that was recently forwarded along to members of the city council.  It
was this call to action that has raised the profile of this very
important citywide concern. The call to action is for the city to
develop a viable growth management policy in conjunction with
neighborhoods and other affected stakeholders. I anticipate we will be
learning more about it as neighborhoods begin weighing in on how not
having such a viable policy is hurting us all.