In attendance: Tom
Linehan, Katie Hansen, Joe Reynolds, Paulette Kern, Michael Bomba, Donna Beth
McKormick, Allan McMurtry, Laura Slaughter.

Agenda: Zoning
Issues: Paulette Kern

Legal Expenses: Treasures report by Joe Reynolds and Legal expenses by the North Cross Committee

Katie Hansen motions that we postponed reading of the
minutes until next time. Paulette Kern
seconds. Passes

Zoning: Paulette
Kerry Howell on Lawnmont and Montview who lives by the Antique mall property that is being redeveloped
by Ardent, came to the meeting to speak on behalf of the neighbors. Ardent is pursuing the VMU designation to
increase density above the 88 units that was already approved. The 88 units required a variance to have that
many units at 4 stories.

Ardent is
seeking to increase the density above this level. Ardent is filing a
‘opt in’ VMU application,
which will be held October 9th at 6:00 at City Chambers. Ardent will
not compromise on density. The neighbors would like to see less density
on this site. Ardent is opposed to a
deceleration lane, to aid access to his development off of Burnet to
prevent a
long back up on Burnet Road.

Kerry is here to ask our support to help challenge this
density. This density directly impacts
her home. The neighbors feel that
increased residential density above what has approved would negatively affect
the neighbors. Ardent knew what the
density limitations were when considering purchasing the property. The property was originally designated to be
owner-occupied units. The application by Ardent would have 165 units 70% 1
BEDROOM all apartments, no owner occupied units. All would be rental units.

Last night the neighbors met with Ardent to see if there was
any way to compromise on density. Ardent
was unwilling to decrease density even a little bit. The neighbors feel that they have already
compromised heavily on density for this
particular property by not opposing the variance already obtained. 6 neighbors showed up.

A TIA was done which will result in 1875 car trips per
day. There is no left turn lane and only
one entrance from Burnet Road.
In addition, there is not any loading dock or construction access except via Burnet Road. Neighbors are concerned about back-up traffic
on Burnet and increased crime with low owner-occupancy.

The Neighbors are not opposed to a VMU development, or the
88 units that was supported originally in 2005 by the ANA. They are opposed to increasing density over
this. Motion by Paulette Katie, Allan: The ANA EC supports the project density (88
units) agreed to in 2005 and we oppose the density in Ardent’s current VMU
application as it is not compatible with the existing neighborhood and will
decrease the quality of life and create an unsafe traffic. In particular, we are concerned by 1) lack of
a turn lane on Burnet Road which will back up already congested traffic, 2)
lack of a loading facility which will result in blocking of Lawnmont or Burnet
Road This property has already received a variance for increased density, with
the support of the ANA because the developer worked with the neighbors to come
up with an acceptable density. The current
developer knows and understands the limitations on this property. As evidenced by our prior support for
increased density on this property, we support reasonable development. Joe seconds. Resolution passes.

Current bank balance:
Treasurers Report: Joe Reynolds about 18,400 in assets

Around $ 18,400 in the bank, not including 2K from Crestview
for legal fund. In December 2006, there
was roughly 20K in the general fund. The
fundraising team has raised 32K in cash and in-kind contributions.

Allan McMurtry makes a motion to ask the treasurer to pay
Blazier et al a minimum amount of 2000K per month, based on proceeds from
fundraising. Paulette seconds. Tom makes a friendly amendment that we are
going to make payments of a minimum of 2000k per month to the law fund and will
continue fundraising until the general fund is replenished. Allan accepts that. Passes.

45th wants to go in with an accessory use in sf-2. They are asking for a variance to decrease
the required size of the lot to approximately ½ of the regulated lots size in
order to build another structure on SF-2

Allan makes a motion that the ANA steering committee opposes
the variance requested in C15-2007-0095 at 2617 W. 45th street. Because the lot is too small and sets a
precedent for defacto duplexes and is in conflict with the Allandale
neighborhood plan of 1980. Katie
seconds. Passes.

Meeting adjourned.