committee members in attendance: Brent
Sjolseth, Tom Linehan, Katie Hansen,
Allan McMurtry,
Joe Reynolds, Laura Slaughter, Cathy Yang, Dan Jones, Donna Beth McCormick.

from the March general meeting were read and approved.

Reynolds presented the Treasurer’s report.
accounts $18,849.24
balance Dec 6 2006: $31,614.09 Current
fundraising: $17,000
– Masquerade ball $10,000
NSCNA $2,000
Appeal $5,000
Legal expenses: $4,000
ending balance: $31,849.24
Roman makes a motion to approve the financial statements. Katie Hansen seconds. Passes.

Committee Tom Linehan. Membership dues
have not been raised in many years. Tom
Linehan would like to raise the membership fees to 15$ for general
membership. The senior membership dues
will remain at 7$.

was much discussion regarding what the ANA would use the increase in funds
for. The ANA has increased the number of
community building events, and a portion of the membership dues would be used
to support these events. In addition,
the development pressure our neighborhood is under makes it prudent to have a
financial reserve in case we need be able to make a legal response in the

Bryce makes a motion to approve increasing membership fees from 10$ to
$15. Joe Reynolds seconds it. Passes.

Jones wonders if maybe we should have memberships be based on the individual
rather than the family. Spouses may have
different names and it is difficult to know who is a member.

Rock Flooding Issue: Katie Hansen
ANA had appointed a committee to work with the City of
on the proposed bond solution to the
flooding problems near White Rock and Bull Creek. The Committee Chair is Mark Price, other
committee members are John Panak and Kurt Zinsemeyer. A blog has been created to update neighbors
on the status of this project and can be accessed through the Allandale
reporter website. Based on neighbors
concerns that the project would not be adequate to handle the current water
flow, the City of
Austin is re-evaluating and will get back with the committee.

Lanes for
Steck Ave. The ANA has been asked for support regarding
the addition of bikes lanes to Steck ave. The road would be reduced to two lanes from Burnet to Shoal Creek.

Bryce makes a motion to support NSCA initiative. Seconded by Linda Huff.

traffic is close to 12K VTD. Hancock is
about 9K. Allan McMurtry thinks that Steck will pick
up a portion of the Wal-Mart traffic. Katie
Hansen said that with
Austin growing to more than 2 million people by 2030, we need to figure out how to
mitigate the effects of traffic and encourage alternate modes of
transportation. Motion passes 24 to 4.

of Big Red: Brent Sjolseth.
Red is the old vintage fire truck that used to be used in the Allandale
parade. It has Allandale on the
side. The president of the
Austin fire department
museum called Brent and asked if we would help with fundraising. A firefighter in
Austin has agreed to do the restoration at
cost, with labor for free. It will
probably run about $10–$20000k. The
president of the
Austin Fire Museum
would like the ANA to initiate some fundraising on the order of a few thousand
dollars to go toward restoration of Big Red. Allandale would have priority for
getting the fire truck for our events and neighbors would get discounts for
birthday parties.

Committee update:
. Our
attorneys are waiting for stipulations from opposition’s legal team setting the
facts for the case. Once this is all done,
we will file a declaratory judgment. It
must be filed 45 days before the start of trial on November 13th. It will be filed soon.

main issue is to file a declaratory judgment to interpret the ordinance as it
stands in the City of
Austin. We believe that the ordinance should have
triggered a public hearing. All we are asking for is a public hearing based on
the law. If the judge agrees, then
Wal-Mart/Lincoln will have to file a new site plan.

Budget for 2007-2008: Joe Reynolds. See attached document. This is up for discussion and will be voted
on at a later date.

committee update is postponed, as Paulette Kern is a grandmother!!
Congratulations Paulette!

Ball: Laura Slaughter. The ANA is selling tickets for 50$ apiece. It is at the Caswell House. Russell’s Bakery
will be doing all the snacks. There will
be a Silent Auction (organized by Marlene Meador) from many neighborhood
establishments have donated to the cause. See the Allandale reporter website for more information on items up for
auction. Mary Jean Mateus has gotten the
LeRoi Brothers for entertainment.

hosting: Tom Linehan. Web hosting cost 149.50/ year for the
Allandale reporter website. Joe Reynolds moves that we approve funds. Katie
Hansen seconds. Passes.

ANA bylaws require that the Nominating committee provide a slate for the
elections. However, our bylaws also
provide for us to elect people from the floor. The nominating committee talked to nearly 40 people and came up with the
following slate:

slate is Tom Linehan for president, Michael Bomba for Vice President,
AllanMcMurtry for secretary, and Joe Reynolds for treasurer.

recommendations for EC members: Mary Jean Mateus
Beth McCormick, Dan Jones, Laura Slaughter, George Roman, and Margie Garden.

from the floor. None.

Bryce recommends that we accept the entire slate proposed by the nominations
committee, seconded by Marlene Meador. Passes unanimously.

Linehan calls the meeting.