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Allandale General Meeting: September 27, 2007 Minutes

committee members in attendance: Brent
Sjolseth, Tom Linehan, Katie Hansen,
Allan McMurtry,
Joe Reynolds, Laura Slaughter, Cathy Yang, Dan Jones, Donna Beth McCormick.

from the March general meeting were read and approved.

Reynolds presented the Treasurer’s report.
accounts $18,849.24
balance Dec 6 2006: $31,614.09 Current
fundraising: $17,000
– Masquerade ball $10,000
NSCNA $2,000
Appeal $5,000
Legal expenses: $4,000
ending balance: $31,849.24
Roman makes a motion to approve the financial statements. Katie Hansen seconds. Passes.

Agenda for this Thursday’s ANA General Meeting

submitted by Tom Linehan

Allandale Neighborhood Association General Meeting Agenda
Thursday, 6:30, Ralph Yarborough Library, 2200 Hancock

ANA welcomes all Allandale residents and property owners

– Call meeting to order – 6:30
– Review and approval of agenda
– Approval of Minutes
– Treasurer’s report
– Proposed increase in membership dues
– White Rock flooding project update
– Bike Lanes for Steck

ANA Meeting of the Executive Committee 9/18/07

In attendance: Tom
Linehan, Katie Hansen, Joe Reynolds, Paulette Kern, Michael Bomba, Donna Beth
McKormick, Allan McMurtry, Laura Slaughter.

Agenda: Zoning
Issues: Paulette Kern

Legal Expenses: Treasures report by Joe Reynolds and Legal expenses by the North Cross Committee

Katie Hansen motions that we postponed reading of the
minutes until next time. Paulette Kern
seconds. Passes

Zoning: Paulette
Kerry Howell on Lawnmont and Montview who lives by the Antique mall property that is being redeveloped
by Ardent, came to the meeting to speak on behalf of the neighbors. Ardent is pursuing the VMU designation to
increase density above the 88 units that was already approved. The 88 units required a variance to have that
many units at 4 stories.


The City Council will vote this Thursday, September 27, on a
“land swap” which could amount to a $1.3 million corporate giveaway that
undermines the Crestview/Wooten neighborhood plan and is opposed by the
neighborhood association. Crestview Neighborhood Association asks neighbors
throughout the Northcross area to call City Council members today and Wednesday
to oppose the land swap.

The proposal before Council would give Stratus, owner of the
land where the Crestview Station development will be built, and Trammel Crow,
the Crestview Station developer, 5.5 acres on Ryan Street next to the location of the
planned commuter rail station. In exchange, the City would receive 2 acres near
the southwest corner of Lamar and Morrow.

Union Pacific – Idling Trains and More

Freigh_trainWhat follows is information provided by ASA Rail to correct things
that have been inferred on the Allandale listserve about the Union Pacific (UP) line along Mopac.

Kay Newell, Allandale, MoNAC Secretary

The State Rail Plan came out a couple of years ago. It is really for the purpose of quantifying
what the rail needs in the State are. It
was useful in passing the Rail Relocation Fund bill and constitutional
amendment and illustrates the amount of money needed throughout the state for
rail projects.

The Light Bulb Shop

Tom Linehan

Edwin_tino_plus The Light Bulb Shop is right here in Allandale and they can supply you with a bulb for just about anything you have that needs one – lamps, recessed lights, microscopes, or simple energy saving bulbs for your entire house. It’s probably the latter they sell most. Energy saver compact fluorescent have gone from taking up 2 shelves space in the store 2 years ago to a occupying an entire wall today. The Light Bulb shop also sells bulbs for stage and studio lighting, photo lamps for projectors, and bulbs for medical and scientific equipment purchased by places like Seton Hospital and the J.J. Pickle Research Center. Needless to say it’s the place to go to find bulbs that you’re not able to find anywhere else.