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Yesterday I received this follow up letter from City Manager Toby Futrel (click to open)  regarding the Townhall neighborhood association meeting she conducted back on July 19 with representatives from Austin’s neighborhood associations.  The letter outlines the items she has included in the budget to address the concerns that were raised at that meeting.  Below is the note I posted to the ANA newsgroup following the meeting on July 20.

"I attended the Townhall neighborhood association meeting
last night at Palmer Auditorium conducted by city manager, Toby Futrell.   

was a very good turnout, approximately 80 or 90 neighborhoods represented. I
will put together a more complete write up for the website but here are two of
the highlights: 1) our three top priorities of code enforcement, crime prevention/enforcement,
and traffic mitigation were shared by a number of other neighborhoods, and 2)
at the suggestion of one of the neighborhoods and supported by all, the city
manager is giving serious consideration to creating a neighborhood ombudsman.
Many neighborhoods that have gone through the neighborhood planning process are
frustrated with the lack of follow-thru of the plans once adopted. This
position, among other things, would provide a point of access to city for
coordinating and monitoring implementation of the plans. Again, thanks for your