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I grew up back East, and so I’m a stickler for a big, hearty sandwich.

The Sandwich Joint does the big hearty sandwich right. With a huge
array of sandwich selections named after Austin Institutions such as
Devil’s Cove (chicken, jalapenos, avocado, salsa, sour cream, and jack
cheese) , and sandwich standy-bys such as Cheesesteaks and Chicken
Cheesesteaks, the joint aims to please everyone.

They chip all their meats, from chicken to beef.  They use some
interesting ingredients in every sandwich, and their rolls are large.
And while there aren’t a huge number of selections on the main menu for
vegeterians, there are a few vegeterian sides.

But is it possible to get too *much* meat on a sandwich? It sounds
like a paradox, but my Devil’s Cove sandwich, while pretty tasty,
weighed a solid pound and most of it was meat. Perhaps that’s fine if
you can finish these giants in one sitting, but anyone who eats big,
hearty sandwiches knows that the longer all those juicy niblets sit in
the bun, the less appealing the experience. So saving it for later
doesn’t really work so well. The good news is you can order half a
sandwich, though for not much less than a whole one.  The prices are a
little high at 6.99 a sandwich; I imagine they justify that by the
amount of meat that goes onto a sandwich.

If you want to check them out, know two things: one, they close at 4
pm and open at 11. Second, they don’t call it a joint for nothing: I’ve
seen some master closets larger than their dining area. So order those
sandwiches to go or plan to fight for one of the few tables.

Still, all in all a great addition to the Allandale neighborhood. I’ll be back.  You can see a full menu here: