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Car_in_waterThe Shoal Creek-Allandale Storm Drain Improvements Project is
currently slated to begin construction in January 2008. During heavy rains, the
channel that crosses under White Rock Drive (between Bull Creek Drive and
Woodview Avenue) is prone to overflow, resulting in street  flooding. Also,
neighborhood residents have reported yard and interior house flooding for 17
properties in this area.

This project will construct a new storm drain
system under White Rock Drive, from Shoalwood Avenue to Shoal Creek. The work
includes installation of 1,890 feet of storm drain system; 1,373 feet of 6-foot
by 3-foot box culverts; 517 feet of reinforced concrete pipe; and six inlets.
The new storm drain system will improve storm water collection and will make the
street and surrounding properties less susceptible to flooding. Construction
work is expected to take about five months.

This is a joint project
between the City of Austin’s Public Works Department and the Watershed
Protection and Development Review Department. Please contact Jennifer Liu,
Project Manager, at 974-7159 or Thu Cao, Project Engineer, at 974-7167 for more

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Here is link to 2006 post to the website concerning the flooding problems along White Rock .