Meeting called to order at 7 p.m. as no quorum at 6:30 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Tom Linehan, Joe Reynolds, Allan McMurtry, Michael Bomba, Bent Sjolseth,
Donna Beth McCormick, Cathy Yang, Paulette Kern, Laura Slaughter

Approval of agenda
Treasurer’s report
Committee updates:

  • Northcross
  • Planning-VMU
  • Zoning
  • Fundraising-Masquerade
  • Newsletter
  • Membership
  • Other Business
  • Approval of
    web hosting expenses
  • North Loop Plan
  • Ardent
    Properties presentation (Brett Denton)

Agenda approved with understanding to move to Ardent Res.
Presentation and North Loop
plan at 7:15 p.m.
–Paulette moved approval, Cathy 2nd.

Approval of minutes from July 5, 2007 meeting suspended till
next meeting: moved by Cathy, 2nd by
Donna Beth.

Joe Reynolds presented Treasurer’s report. Joe also stated that he will begin drafting a

Northcross Committee: Allan reported that we are awaiting legal issues to be solved between
RG4N and Lincoln. Lawyers are asking for
records for review.

Lincoln and the City of Austin
asked that the 2 lawsuits (RG4N and ANA) be joined. Suit possible to be heard in Nov. Lincoln
has agreed not to do any construction
until then.

Kerry Kimbrough- Planning/VMU: Nothing to report. Joe Reynolds asked that watershed issues (as
it involves the creek and where waters flow) be looked at possibly by the
planning committee. Tom asked that Joe
get with Steven Zettner and Kerry Kimbrough to look at a way to address the

Ardent Residential presentation on proposed development of
the Antique Mall, 5350 Burnet Rd. Brett Denton and partner, Art Carpenter of
Ardent Residential Properties has this property under contract from Ken
Carr. The plan for this 2.4 acre lot,
presently zoned CSU MU, is to replace Ken Car’s design of 88 condos (already
approved by city) with approx. 160 (one and two bedroom) apartments over
retail, in 4 stories and 60’ height. The apartment complex is planned to be approx.
70% one bedrooms and 30% two bedroom, renting for approx. $950 – $1400. Apartments will wrap around a 4 story parking
garage. This development at present
will have Burnet Rd.
access only. Brett Denton and Ardent
Prop. is seeking neighborhood input and support. Mr. Denton stated a history of and his desire
to work with the neighborhood. Two
neighbors from the immediate area were present and expressed interest in being part
of the process. Tom Linehan directed
Steve Zettner, Paulette Kern, Kerry Kimbrough and Anne Young to facilitate
meetings with Mr. Denton and the neighborhood to seek their input and wishes.

Steven Zettner presented his vision for the Lawnmont/North
Loop area asking that Mr. Denton adopt central ideas of his vision. Steven believes that Ardent’s development
should be attract seniors as anchor
tenanta as senior citizens already comprise a significant percentage of the
population of other apartments in the area. Additionally, Mr. Zettner envisions a pedestrian mall/walkway as part of
the backside of Ardent’s development, to be connected with other properties as
the opportunity arises, to complete that walkway/pedestrian mall all the way to
Yarbarough Library. As other properties and the city buy into this plan in the
future, this walkway would provide connectivity to retail, the community and
the library. Mr. Denton stated that he
would consider designating the 10% affordable housing required by VMU to
seniors for a period of time during initial rentals. Mr. Zettner and Mr. Denton will collaborate
with neighbors to come up with a desirable plan for the site.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Paulette Kern (substituting for Katie Hansen in
her absence.)