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ANA meeting minutes 8-22-07

In attendance: Joe Reynolds, Dan Jones, Brent Sjolseth,
Paulette Kern, Allan McMurtry, Michael Bomba, Katie Hansen, Cathy Yang, Tom
Linehan, Laura Slaughter and Donna Beth McCormick.

Reading of the minutes by Paulette Kern from July 5th. Allan McMurtry makes a motion that the
minutes are approved for the 5th. Michael Bomba seconds. Passes

Reading of the minutes from July 25 th. Katie Hansen motions to approve the
minutes. Allan McMurtry seconds. Minutes approved.

Rat in the hood

This is Cutie, a pet of Steve, Sue and Sarah Neel’s who regularly accompanies them on there evening walk in the neighborhood.  Cutie is about nine months old. Very friendly.

CapMetro seeing comments

submitted by CYang CapMetro is looking for comments on its fare adjustement from 50 cents to $1. Please note, IMHO fares have been adjusted, but the price has remained the same. Fare Value for Central TexasWanted: Your feedback on...

Where is Terry’s?

Some of you may have noticed the fence that went up next to the future home of Miguel’s Imports being built on Burnet Road and wondered where Terry’s Burnet Rd. Inspection has gone. It hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s just on the other side of the...

City Plans Improvements to the Storm Drain System on White Rock Dr.

from Stephanie Lott, City of Austin
Car_in_waterThe Shoal Creek-Allandale Storm Drain Improvements Project is
currently slated to begin construction in January 2008. During heavy rains, the
channel that crosses under White Rock Drive (between Bull Creek Drive and
Woodview Avenue) is prone to overflow, resulting in street  flooding. Also,
neighborhood residents have reported yard and interior house flooding for 17
properties in this area.

Terry’s Burnet Rd. Auto Inspection

submitted by Tom Linehan Make your auto inspection an experience. If you’re looking for a place to get your vehicle inspected around Allandale, no need to go any further than Burnet Rd., just south of North Loop. You’ve got to be looking for it but just...