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Three of the 18 buildings formerly known as Summerfield Suites Hotels  on Northcross Road
are nearing their first phase of conversion into condos, and began
selling last week. "The Allandale" condominiums will include 576 square
foot one bedroom units, and 864 square foot 2 bedroom units, with
prices ranging from under $100,00 for a basic one-bedroom unit to
around $150,00 for a 2 bedroom unit with a full upgrade package.

in 3  of the buildings are currently available for sale and will be
completed between August and October, with the remaining units
completed as demand dictates. Each unit is subject to an HOA that
includes access to a fitness club, cable, water and sewer service, and
exterior maintenance and insurance. 

The hotels were purchased last year by Hale and Blackwell LLC , who
are also completing the conversion.  Currently, the city plans to
purchase 20 of the units to resell them through its affordable housing

changes that occur in the Northcross development, says salesperson Tara
Hays with Pauly +  Presley, will not affect the completion of the
development. The remaining Summerfield Suites will remain open and
available for reservations until early 2008, at which point they will