Summerfield_suites_005_2Minutes from ANA Executive Board Meeting 7/5/07, 7:00 p.m., North Village Library

ANA Executive Board Members present: Joe Reynolds, Brent Sjolseth, Dan Jones,
Michael Bomba, Laura Slaughter, Donna Beth McCormick, Cathy Yang, Paulette
Kern, Tom Linehan.

Tom called meeting to order. Agenda revised. Dan Jones moved
acceptance of revised agenda, second by Brent. Motion passed.

Tom noted two corrections to the Exec. Board Minutes of June
27 meeting: 1) Date on meeting should be June 27, not July 27, 2) motion to
approve agenda looks like it is recorded twice. Approval of minutes waived till next meeting.

Fund raising committee: Joe noted that
post card will go out first part of next week. Laura Slaughter moved authorization of $2,000 for rental and deposit of
hall for Masquerade Ball fundraiser in Oct. Cathy Yang seconds. Motion

Laura Slaughter reported taking in of $350 at July 4th
parade, from donations, memberships, t-shirt and bumper sticker sales.

ANA EC sends kudos to the July 4th parade
committee for a great job.

D&O Insurance: Cathy Yang reported on bid from Travelers Insurance. Michael Bomba moved that Board purchase $1
million policy for premium of $1,323. Donna Beth McCormick seconds. Motion passed.

Northcross Committee update: Tom reported that Bruce Bigelow met with all attorneys (RG4N, City,
Lincoln) today to agree on ground rules so that lawsuit process goes

Dan Jones made motion regarding lawsuit (attached). Motion was not seconded.

Discussion of changing ANA’s regular EC meeting date so that
EC member/s can attend the ANC (Austin Neighborhood Council) meeting regularly
scheduled for 4th Wed. Tom
will seek place for ANA’s meetings on 4th Tues. or 4th
Thurs. and let us know.

Zoning: Paulette Kern
reported zoning committee work on gathering deed restrictions to post on
website so that neighbors would be aware of proper building in their area. We are also forming a subcommittee to
research and bring attention to flooding issues in Allandale. Discussion of 5350 Burnet/Antique Mall
property which is being sold by Ken Carr. Anne Young will meet again with developer, Brett Denton, from Ardent
Properties who has a contract on the site. She will convey to him the boards concern re: apartments vs.
condominiums and density. Mr. Denton
will be invited to the next EC Board Meeting to present his project.

VMU: Tom asked Anne
Young to informally ask from her contact at neighborhood planning for initial
reaction/feedback on our VMU application..

Town Lake Animal Shelter: Lisa McLain (a volunteer @ Town Lake Animal Shelter) asked ANA to support their resolution attached. Laura Slaughter moved to support FixAustin’s
resolution. Donna Beth McCormick
seconds. Motion passed. Tom Linehan directs Paulette to follow up
with Katie to see that resolution gets to the City.

Cynthia Keohane reported on ANC resolution under way. There will be a work session on July 12, 6 –8
p.m. at Artz Rib House.

Nominating Committee: Recommends that Tom Linehan move to position of President of ANA. Laura Slaughter seconds. Passed. Laura Slaughter nominates Allan McMurtry as Vice Pres., seconded by
Donna Beth McCormick. Brent Sjolseth moved that Michael Bomba
become VP., nominating committee seconds
via Joe Reynolds. After discussion,
Michael Bomba was unanimously elected new Vice Pres. of ANA.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Paulette Kern