It seems that property crimes,  in Allandale are  up based on the number of recent posts to the newsgroup. Property crimes are incidents like burglary of vehicle, burglary of residence, theft, etc. I just updated the crime incident report: 2006 vs 2007 for Allandale and based on that, the number of incidents reported is about the same. Even in the past 3 months, there really has not been a  big increase property crimes. If you don’t report it, it doesn’t get recorded.

That is what the numbers tell us. It doesn’t offer much consolation to residents who are victims of the crime. 

Todays article in the Austin American-Statesman, "Stealing quality of life, those who commit property crimes usually elude police,"
says it all. Catching the thieves is uncommon. According to the
article, Austin solved 11% of the property crimes reported in 2006. "If
the cases have no witnesses or if stolen property has no serial
number, investigators openly admit that their investigations often go
no further." Read and learn. At the end of the article is a list of
"Property Crime Prevention Tips."