At last week’s ANA Executive Committee meetings, Lisa
McClain, with FixAustin gave a short presentation on the city’s plans to move
the animal shelter from its current Town Lake location to East
Austin. Here are some of
the reasons why they are against it:

1. An animal shelter in East Austin prevents affordable
housing and multi-use developments preferred by East
Austin neighborhoods.
2. The current Town Lake location is equally
accessible from all parts of the County.

3. The City conducted no research and did not provide an
opportunity for meaningful public input.

4. There is no confidence in current shelter management.

5. Rebuilding at Town Lake is Feasible.

6. Most homeless animals do not come from East of 35.

7. The “new” programs planned at the East Austin site do not
justify moving the shelter because those programs could & should have been
implemented at Town Lake – They are not exclusive to the East Austin site.

Read more at’s website.

Based on Lisa’s presentation, the ANA EC voted to send the following resolution to the City Council:



We, the Allandale Neighborhood Association, resolve to
support FixAustin’s campaign to oppose the City of Austinstaff’s proposal to move the City animal shelter (Town Lake Animal Center) which is currently located on
Cesar Chavez near Town

Because we believe having an animal shelter that is
centrally located and highly accessible is integral to reducing the shelter’s
already high kill rate, we oppose the City’s plan to close the Town Lake Animal
Center and replace it with a shelter to be located at 601 Airport Boulevard
near East 7th and 183.