On June 27th, the Allandale Neighborhood Association held it’s monthly Executive Committee meeting. What follows are the minutes from the meeting.

Meeting Minutes 6/27/07 Agenda:
6:30 call to
and approval of minutes
– Treasurer’s
– 4th of July
Parade (approval of funds)
– Approval of funds for domain for website
– Fundraising
of latest efforts and next steps
– Northcross
    -review of
legal options (Bruce Bigelow)
8:15 adjourned

In attendance: Tom Linehan,
Paulette Kern, Allan McMurtry, Joe Reynolds, Michael Bomba, Katie
Hansen, Dan Jones, Laura

Michael Bomba makes motion to approve the agenda. Laura Slaughter seconds. Approved.

Treasurer’s report.
Current Balance:
Legal Fund $7,976.55
Savings $9,583.23

Katie Hansen makes a motion
to approve up to $1000 for 4th of July parade expenses. Seconded by Laura
Slaughter. Approved

Allan McMurtry
makes a motion to approve 80$/for a 2 year renewal of the domain for the Allandale Reporter website. Michael Bomba
seconds. Passes.

Fundraising Committee:

Tyke and Bike Expenses $530.06
Publicity $46.24
Supplies $483.82
Income $1,904
Fees $1804
Donations $100
Total net $1173.94

Northcross Committee:Permits were approved for Lincoln Properties 2nd site
plan. Despite our 6 months of working
with Wal-mart, the City of Austin and Lincoln Property Company, we were only able to chop 12k sqft of the
building size. None of the traffic
mitigation measures are legally binding and depend on Conn’s
and Houston’s providing
property. It is our understanding that
Wal-Mart will sell the same number of SKUs.

We have exhausted all administrative avenues to get this
site plan denied. We have met with City
Council members, members of the site review committee, made term-sheets and
made good-faith efforts to work with Wal-Mart and Lincoln directly. All of these efforts have failed.

The Northcross committee has recommended to the ANA
executive committee that the ANA file a lawsuit against the city of Austin for failure to follow their own laws and ordinances.

Bruce Bigelow, legal council to the ANA presents our legal
options. RG4N and the ANA entered into a
confidentiality agreement to further our respective legal cases against the
city and coordinate our efforts.

Declaratory judgments act: allows an affected person go to
court to seek a legal interpretation of the city of Austin ordinance.

Allan McMurtry
makes a motion that the ANA files a lawsuit against the city of Austin
regarding the illegal approval of Lincoln Properties’ site plans.

Katie Hansen seconds. Passes unanimously.

The Nominating committee recommends Donna
Beth McCormick to fill the remaining vacancy on the Executive

Katie Hansen makes a motion
that we accept Donna Beth. Dan Jones seconds. Unanimous approval.

8:15 Meeting