We, the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA), are
working on your behalf and need your help. As you know, Lincoln Property
Company is redeveloping Northcross Mall to include a 192,000 square foot Wal-Mart Supercenter. A one-stop store of
this magnitude will overburden our roads, negatively impact surrounding
businesses, and ultimately change the character of Allandale.

For decades, Allandale residents have successfully fought to
preserve the quality and character of our neighborhood. We have saved the
neighborhood from serious threats by:

  • Securing
    the largest zoning rollback (to SF-2) in Austin
  • Blocking
    the conversion of Koenig Lane
    into a 6-lane freeway;
  • Stopping a
    church expansion that would have destroyed many neighborhood homes;
  • Blocking
    the extension of Far West Boulevard
    into Allandale.

Allandale can make a difference at Northcross, too! Our
Legal Fundraising Committee has raised over $25,000 towards our goal of
$100,000. We need your financial contribution. How much is your quality of life
worth to you?

  • 1/2 of your July electric bill?
  • 1/20 of the property taxes you paid last year?
  • 1/2000 of your home value?

No contribution is too small! Please consider a one-time
donation or smaller monthly contributions to reach your personal goal. Click here to donate online.

ANA’s Position
We believe the City of Austin has an obligation to uphold both the letter and the intent of the law and to
act in a manner to protect the safety and general welfare of its citizenry. By
law, the Northcross site plan should have triggered a public hearing. Our right
to public process has been denied. Furthermore, we believe that Lincoln Properties
has grossly underestimated the impact of traffic on our streets.

The law mandates that the City Council may deny an
application if the traffic study demonstrates the proposed development may
overburden the city’s streets and/or endanger public safety. Allowing city
staff to approve this plan is clearly a case where the Council has abandoned
its responsibility. Our City Council members not only have the legal right to reject
the site plan, but the obligation to do so. Help to preserve the way of life that brought you to
Allandale in the first place.

Administrative Site Plan Approval Site plan approval is
pending for Lincoln’s 2nd site plan
(filed Dec 2006). We have called for the City Council to reject the site plan
based on errors in the approval process and deficient traffic studies. City
Council members claim they are unwilling to reject the site plan for fear of
being sued.

Project Size
Since the original site plan was filed, the size of the project
has changed from 205,000 to 226,000 to the currently proposed 192,000 square
feet. The 7% reduction in size does little to alleviate projected traffic
and/or address other neighborhood concerns. This is still significantly larger
than any single retail store in the area.

In response to neighborhood recommendations, Wal-Mart’s
consideration to exclude RV parking, limit operation to 20 hours except during
peak periods (not specified), and other possible changes relating to light, noise,
and green initiatives are welcomed but not guaranteed. At present, any
concessions by Wal-Mart are no more than promises. There is nothing in place to
legally bind them to comply.

What Your Neighborhood Association Is Doing

  • Submitted a
    detailed list of concerns and recommendations relating to development plans to Lincoln/Wal-Mart.
  • Created an
    ANA Northcross Redevelopment Committee consisting of 3 ANA board members to
    investigate neighborhood impact and to provide recommendations for course of action.
  • Contacted
    Austin City Council members to voice our concerns with the approval process and
    ask them to withdraw their approval of the site plan
  • Hired a
    traffic engineering firm to conduct a peer review of Lincoln’s
    initial TIA.
  • Hired Bruce
    Bigelow, a well-regarded lawyer with a proven track record in administrative,
    health, and environmental law, to advise on and pursue legal options.
  • Coordinating
    legal strategy with RG4N.

Traffic Impact
Based on Lincoln’s
traffic analysis, current levels of traffic at Northcross are estimated at
8,000 vehicle trips per day (VTD) and are projected to increase to over 14,000
VTD. However, the City has verified that actual traffic counts at area
Wal-Marts are as much as TWICE that projected in the projects’ original site

In addition, the traffic study submitted by Lincoln Property
fails to include its impact on neighborhood streets, current growth rates, and
other developments (eg, Lowe’s and Huntsman Tract). If the project is built as
planned we can expect:

  • Intersections
    to fail along Burnet and Anderson; wait times at stop lights will be
    dramatically increased (2 to 3 light changes) and traffic backlog in turn lanes
    (>10 cars) will further impede traffic flow.
  • Significant
    increase in cut-through traffic on neighborhoodstreets
  • Increase in
    truck volume resulting in an increased strain on our roads.
  • Longer EMS
    and Fire response times during peak periods.
  • Diminished
    safety and accessibility of pedestrian and bicycle activity on Great Northern
    and Shoal Creek.
  • By law, the developer is only responsible for traffic
    mitigation costs deemed necessary by their traffic analysis. If
    Lincoln/Wal-Mart’s traffic analysis is wrong, we will suffer the consequences
    of traffic congestion and ultimately pay with our tax dollars to fix it.

Donate Now!
This is not a done deal. We believe the City not only has
the right but an obligation to reject the site plan and we’re willing to pursue
legal means to prove it. Allandale is no place for a Supercenter.


Click here to make your donation online or mail it to:

Allandale Fundraiser Legal Fund,
P.O. Box 10886
Austin, Texas 78766-1886