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Second Site Plan Approved

On Thursday, the Austin American-Statesman confirmed the City has approved Lincoln’s second site plan. The article, "City approves site plan for Northcross Wal-Mart," said the approval clears the way for the 192,000 sq ft Supercenter to be built. Also...

It’s NOT a Done Deal!

We, the Allandale Neighborhood Association (ANA), are
working on your behalf and need your help. As you know, Lincoln Property
Company is redeveloping Northcross Mall to include a 192,000 square foot Wal-Mart Supercenter. A one-stop store of
this magnitude will overburden our roads, negatively impact surrounding
businesses, and ultimately change the character of Allandale.

For decades, Allandale residents have successfully fought to
preserve the quality and character of our neighborhood. We have saved the
neighborhood from serious threats by:

  • Securing
    the largest zoning rollback (to SF-2) in Austin
  • Blocking
    the conversion of Koenig Lane
    into a 6-lane freeway;
  • Stopping a
    church expansion that would have destroyed many neighborhood homes;
  • Blocking
    the extension of Far West Boulevard
    into Allandale.

Neighborhood Density Figures

If you’re curious about where Allandale stacks up compared to other Austin neighborhoods in terms of  population growth, residential makeup, population density, and related figures, you will find the answers from this Excel spreadsheet made available from...

Northcross and the Supercenter

It’s not a done deal. We continue to press on. In the last couple of weeks, while City staff review Lincoln’s second site plan – one that has since been modified to include a smaller Supercenter, members of the ANA’s Northcross Committee have let the City know our concerns have not changed. Northcross is no place for a Supercenter. We don’t have the infrastructure nor the desire for a single retailer of that scale.

Get it before you get it

This week the June issue of the Allandale Neighbor will begin arriving on your doorstep. It’s not junk mail so don’t toss it like it was just another one of those 5-topping two-for-one large fill-em up pizza flyers. This issue of the Allandale Neighborh...

Neighborhood Rights

submitted by Tom Linehan Neighborhood frustration – you hear it in conversations with other neighborhoods about the City’s planning process and VMU. In our area, it comes up regarding city staff approving the Northcross redevelopment without adequate...


submitted by Blair Dancy

What are you doing about mosquitoes in your yard? Ever think you could do more, without
resorting to explosives and cyanide? You’d be right!

Many of our neighborhoods have the dreaded “Asian tiger”
mosquito, breeding happily in small pools of stagnant water. I could bore with you nasty details about the
Asian tiger—how it’s only been in the U.S. since 1985, but has spread like
wildfire east of the Rockies; how it’s so aggressive that it displaces our
lazier, indigenous mosquitoes; how it’s spreading dengue fever in Latin

Upcoming VMU Affordability Meetings

The following was pulled from the City’s web site regarding an upcoming meeting on VMU: Council Member Brewster McCracken would like to invite neighborhoods to two public conversations to discuss how VMU fits into the larger context of affordable housing in...